Press Release – Total Healthcare Solutions: New Website to Better Help Students and Healthcare Providers

With the proliferation of the internet, it has become easier and easier to find not only information, but also vital solutions to the problems that plague every industry. When the internet first began, years ago, no one expected that it would evolve into a tool that is quickly becoming essential. The medical industry is not exempt from this by any means, and Total Healthcare Solutions understands this.

In order to solve two of healthcare’s greatest problems, Total Healthcare Solutions took to the internet. These problems are, the lack of readily available medical training, and staffing shortages. Students looking to learn new skills can find courses from phlebotomy and to pet CPR. Many of these courses are necessary to work in the healthcare industry, and allow students to receive their training in a classroom or online, on their own schedule.

Hospitals all over the world are short of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and certified nurse assistants. Realizing this problem, Total Healthcare Solutions decided to find a better way of matching providers with careers. Their placement service strives to find the best fit for the job, taking the needs of the provider and the needs of the position into account.

Now, with this new website, Total Healthcare Solutions has the ability to reach a broader spectrum of students and professionals, all looking to better their situations. With the ability to register online, both for classes and for job openings, far more people can take advantage of the services this company provides. The benefit of an improved online experience is the capacity to help more people than ever before. The impact of their work is felt far beyond those who use the service. Students who take one of their classes are better able to handle emergent situations. Professionals who find rewarding jobs provide better care to their patients.

Total Healthcare Solutions’ new website was designed by Aginto Solutions, in Sarasota, Florida, where they provide design, management, and marketing services to small businesses, specifically in the southwest Florida region.