In order for a website to be effective, the design of that page must reflect the page’s purpose and spirit. That was the motivation behind the redesign for K. Ruth Originalz. As a provider of fine, handmade jewelry, Kimberly Ruth needed a more beautiful and functional design, making it easier than ever for her customers to not only view her merchandise, but also purchase it.

Previously, the website did not include ecommerce capabilities, which made it difficult for fans of this custom jewelry to make their purchases outside of Sarasota, Florida, where the company is based. Besides creating a more updated look, the online store is the most important component of the new website. Though small businesses often rely on local traffic, they can also find a great source of income online, but only if their websites are up to the challenge.

Aginto Solutions, the company behind K. Ruth Originalz’s new webpage and ecommerce store, is also based in Sarasota, and provides webpage design and management for small businesses in the area. They understand that in order for a small business to be successful, a functional, beautiful website is essential. With our hyper-technologized culture, people much prefer to use the internet to find local businesses. Once, you could place an ad in the white pages and bring in all the business you needed. Now, you need an enticing website that is packed with information and easy to find.

Another motivation behind renovating Kimberly Ruth’s old website was the need for a more updated look, something draw in and engage customers. This website works to effectively display the range of designs available from Kimberly Ruth. Custom jewelry of this caliber is difficult to come by, and it was necessary to ensure the website promoting these designs reflected this.

This new website can be found at:, where customers can browse designs, sign up for an account, and read about the woman behind K. Ruth Originalz. For over eighteen years, Kimberly Ruth has been providing beautiful, custom, hand-crafted jewelry to women from all backgrounds and tastes.