New Social Marketing Campaign Comes to Proud of Jesus

A strong social media presence is priceless to any organization, but especially to small organizations. Large companies and non-profit groups gain exposure just through their size and the fact that they exist. Smaller organizations once had to rely on word-of-mouth campaigns to spread their message, but with the advent of social media, it has become easier to find like-minded individuals and fans. Social media campaigns, however, take significant time to run and in order to be effective, a skilled manager.

The Chicago-based Christian movement Proud of Jesus turned to Aginto Solutions in Sarasota, Florida for those two reasons. Not only a web design company, Aginto Solutions provides social media campaign management to small companies across the country. When Proud of Jesus went looking for someone small enough to understand their needs individually, but experienced enough to fulfill those needs, Aginto Solutions quickly became the prime candidate.

Proud of Jesus strives to remind Christians of the work of Christ. In America, especially, they saw a decline in Jesus’s status and became confused and disheartened by the message even those within the Christian community were disseminating about the life and work of the Savior. It was because of this that a group of American entrepreneurs formed the group in 2012.

Instead of taking pride in our own accomplishments, Proud of Jesus reminds Christians across the world that we should be proud of Christ in the same way that we are proud of our parents, spouses, children, and friends. Since then, they have been working to recover respect for Jesus Christ in the Christian, American, and global communities. However, with a radio show and books written by leading Christian scholars about the life of Christ, they have not seen the exposure they want or need to really spread their work.

The new social media campaign will focus on Twitter and Facebook, spreading their message through the internet to the ready audience there. Any message can only travel so far on its own. With the help of the internet, however, Proud of Jesus will make connections with Christians not only in the Chicago area, but across the world. They even endeavor to touch the lives of those who only see Christ as a great man and world influence, not a religious leader.

Using traditional marketing strategies, Aginto Solutions will help increase the influence of this Christian group, ensuring that their current members are kept up to date with all Proud of Jesus events and that new members can easily learn about and join the movement.