New User-Friendly Website for Shaefer Insurance

With an emphasis on customer relationships and individual service, Shaefer Insurance has been serving the Venice, Florida area for many years. By carefully considering the specific needs of every person, the Shaefer Insurance team endeavors to educate their customers, providing them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their insurance plans.

This same focus on customer service and education is now reflected in their new, easy to use, website. Shaefer Insurance has long understood the pressing need for informing the public and providing the best service, and this new website fulfills those two goals. Not only can you get a quote for any type of insurance, you can also learn about the benefits of having insurance.

However, the new Shaefer Insurance website provides information not only about how to obtain insurance, but why certain types of insurance are necessary, even if they are not required by law. For example, insurance for automobiles is required by law, flood insurance for homes is not. All of Florida, however, surrounded by ocean and at a low elevation, is a flood zone. Normal homeowner’s policies won’t cover damage caused by flooding, and it can be the most expensive and laborious damage to repair.

There is also plenty of information about different auto, home, and life plans. There are even instructions for evaluating your needs and picking the right plan for your lifestyle. Unlike other insurance companies, which might prefer to keep their customers in the dark in order to sell them expensive plans that they don’t need, Shaefer Insurance encourages their customers to become as educated as possible and to bring their concerns and questions to their agent.

They offer every type of insurance, include home, flood, boat, RV, motorcycle, and auto insurance, even promising to respond to inquiries the same day they are filed. This new website makes it easier than ever to submit a request for a quote, to ask a question, and to find the office’s hours.

Unlike their old website, which was clunky to view and difficult to navigate, the new Shaefer Insurance page lays out all the relevant information in a more professional format. Courtesy of Aginto Solutions, a custom web design company catering to small, local businesses in the Sarasota, Florida area, the new website makes it easy for customers to find information about policies, agents, and insurance providers. There is even a blog, full of useful information about when to buy and review your insurance plans.

Shaefer Insurance knows that buying life insurance can be stressful, especially if you have never bought insurance before or have been persuaded into an expensive plan by other companies. It is an important part of life, a way to make sure that the most important people and items in your life are taken care of, and with the help of their redesigned, user-friendly webpage, Shaefer strives to make researching and picking a plan as easy and stress-free as possible.