Press Release – October 14th, 2013, Sarasota Florida.

Increasing Patient Care with a New Website for Lemon Bay Dental

Lemon Bay Dental is one of the most well-established and highly-praised dentists’ office in Florida. For over forty years, they have been offering general and cosmetic dentistry of the highest quality from their McCall Road location in Englewood, Florida. They have long operated without a website, but with all the capabilities now available over the internet, Lemon Bay Dental has finally taken the plunge and commissioned Aginto Solutions to build them a website. Aginto Solutions is a website design and management company, serving the small businesses of Sarasota, Florida.

The new website will allow patients to research not only the dentists of Lemon Bay Dental, but also the procedures the office offers. Having adequate information is the key to making the right choice of providers when it comes to health concerns. Without an informative website, it can be difficult to know if a dentist has the skills, knowledge, and technology to care for your teeth.

Lemon Bay Dental offers general dentistry, which includes services like cleanings, sealants, teeth whitening, and education about dental health. More complicated procedures are also available, including implants, crowns, and fillings. This office also makes a special effort to work emergency cases into their schedule, as breaking a tooth or feeling pain in your mouth is ones of the most debilitating situations.

Though websites are definitely not standard for dentists’ offices, they are increasing in popularity and they ensure that patients have the ability to find a suitable dentist in their area. As it stands, most dentists rely on word of mouth advertising and comments left on medically-based review websites. With a dedicated webpage, however, their patients will be able to not only learn about the practice, but also find all of the necessary contact information. Numbers, addresses, and email addresses provided to other websites by patients may be outdated or simply contain a mistake, making it difficult for prospective patients to get in contact with the dentist and for return patients to schedule appointments.

The goal of Lemon Bay Dental’s new website is to provide their patients with the best care possible in the most efficient manner. Instead of searching through outdated online directories, all of their contact and practice information will be on one simple to use, easy to find website. Whether someone is new to the area and needs to find a dentist, or is looking to change offices, the new accessibility to Lemon Bay Dental will draw in more patients and continue their tradition of exceptional customer service.