Fall for Fashion has a New Website

If you are a fan of fashion, you will flip for Fall for Fashion’s new, more responsive and interactive website. It’s the same great fashion blog, now with more features and more intuitive design, to make it easier to get the content you want to read.

Unlike other fashion blogs that focus just on the clothes, and just on expensive items that no normal person could (or would want to) wear, Fall for Fashion focuses on fashion in your everyday life, using pieces that you already own or can easily find at just about any department store. Tiffany’s blogs are inspirational and upbeat, encouraging women to dress up for themselves and to wear what feels good, as well as what looks good.

The blog also focuses on taking high fashion looks and finding less pricy alternatives that the everyday women could wear, as well as parsing out the most popular trends, talking about how to mix and match even the most dramatic pieces to create your individual style. Along with fashion (and life) advice, Tiffany provides makeup advice and keeps her readers updated about what is happening in her own life, especially as it relates to what she wears.

This redesign creates a more professional blog. With the same great style advice, the same quotes from famous designers, and the same fashion and life wisdom, the website is now easier to access and easier to read. It has been streamlined, to reflect Tiffany’s own streamlined style, putting her and her style at the center of the page. Sleeker, cleaner, and more interactive, regular readers will be pleased with the change and new readers will love the design and the content!

The new Fall for Fashion website was created by Aginto Solutions, in Sarasota, Florida, where they have been serving small businesses in the Sarasota area and all over the country.