I want to ask you: When was the last time your website brought you new clients?

Here’s the thing… not all websites will do the work for you of attracting and converting prospects into clients. In fact, most websites utterly fail to inspire people to take action — opt-in, read and respond to your messages and enroll as your next ideal client.

Instead, because too many visitors don’t instantly resonate with what they see on your website, they BOUNCE off in seconds and never return again. Ouch!

Is your website failing you? Here are the 3 classic mistakes most websites make:
The site is mostly about you and what you do.
You’ve buried your opt-in (or you don’t have one) and your free offer is lackluster.
You’ve forgotten to inspire visitors to keep connecting with you.
I’ll admit I made all of these mistakes, on not one but three different websites! After investing thousands of dollars and too many hours painstakingly writing content, my sites that looked pretty and seemed impressive… but they did absolutely NOTHING for me.

But I learned how to do it right the hard way. Before, I didn’t understand how crucial it was to serve my target audience ON my website. I know that sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many websites seem to entirely forget who they’re serving!

As soon as I learned that secret I immediately got more clients from my website. But I didn’t stop there because I wanted even better results. I can easily say that my website is the centerpiece of my marketing. It’s like a busy airport, where my clients and I share the journey to their ultimate destination.

After years of studying how to make my own website work for me, I’ve turned those steps into a blueprint to help other entrepreneurs transform their websites into client-winning online communities that strikes a resonant chord with their ideal clients.

So right here and now I’m going to reveal to you the 5 secrets to having a client winning website:
Make your home page feel like home to the people you serve.
Nail the #1 most critical aspect of your site — your opt-in and irresistible free offer.
Create a simple fool proof “conversion process” that inspires visitors to engage.
Authentically connect with fans in a way that motivates them to invest.
And seamlessly leverage the power of social networks with the press of a button.
Is your website hitting the mark yet?
I hate to see so many of you waste your time, money and energy with a website that just sits there doing nothing for you! If you’re launching a new website or finessing the one you have, I want YOU to be proud of how your website works for you… even while you sleep!