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How do you improve your website’s page ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing? Through careful implementation of search engine optimization. At the lowest level, search engine optimization is a process of including keywords in page content—when users search the web with one of those engines, a page that contains keywords relevant to the user’s search phrase, will appear higher in the list than one that lacks them. As your page sees more and more exposure, by appearing in more and more search results, your ranking overall begins to improve.

As a user of these search engines, you probably know that few people will click onto the second page of results, no matter what they are searching for. This means that you want the link to your website to be as high in those results as possible. SEO is one of the best ways to organically climb the rankings ladder, and is one of the only ways to do so without incurring penalties from Google.

The question still remains: How do you create relevant, keyword-rich content? You don’t—we do! Not only do we find the best keywords for your page, we write them into helpful, reader-friendly content that will not only make your page more visible, but also convert those page views into customers. SEO content needs to do more than just contain your keywords—otherwise you could just fill your pages with your keywords. The content itself needs to be relevant to the words and to your page. The search algorithms used by these engines are becoming more complex by the day, but the conventional wisdom remains the same: keywords, surrounded by well-written content is the best SEO tactic.

Once your website is full of great, search engine optimized content, you will want to refresh that content periodically with SEO articles. Whether these find their home on the blog or on a separate page, this content is vitally important to continuing to improve your rank. How fresh the content is and how relevant it is to the “theme” of your page are two of the most important factors that search engines consider when ranking pages.

Search engine optimization is the foundation of all other marketing tactics. All other marketing feeds into SEO and SEO improves the efficacy of all marketing. Once your website has been built and launched, there will be nothing more important than boosting its visibility.

Whether you are starting with a completely new website or wanting to improve an established website, we can help you create effective, up-to-date content, specifically for your page. We will never copy or spin content—all of our SEO articles are written by one of our search engine experts, researched to ensure that it is extremely applicable to your website and to your customers. For a free SEO consultation or more information contact us today!

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