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Growing a Church With Online Marketing

Marketing is usually looked at as a necessity for small businesses, but it’s also crucial for your church and community. If you are part of a church or non profit organization, marketing is for you too. Marketing by definition is defining your ideal client/member, and finding ways to better reach them. Let’s look at some great ways to grow your church using online marketing, and how to best implement them into your strategies.

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Awesome ‘About Us’ Pages, and How to Write Yours

When building their websites, or having them built, many business owners never know what to include and leave out of their ‘About Us’ page. Sure you want your potential clients to read it and relate or be inspired to call or email you, right? But how to write that compelling article about yourself or your […]

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Three Local SEO Essentials to Master

This is the major partner of any local business. If you’re a business owner, and are thinking about local SEO, then you are on the right track. Local SEO helps businesses to allow potential customers to find and seek their services. Just like the usual SEO you see among major search engines like Google, local […]

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Why Hotels Should Be Using Google Plus for Reviews

Customer reviews have a substantial impact on the way business is run, as their opinions can alter how products are made, or services are provided in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Customers are known for reading online reviews before they consider investing in a business.

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5 Tips for Converting More Leads Online

Being able to perform an effective marketing strategy can speak a lot about your business. This simply means that as a business owner, you need to be prepared in learning how to capture, as well as convert new source of traffic from various sources. The following 5 tips will definitely show you how your website […]

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5 Strategies For Using Pinterest For Marketing

Many people do not know this, but Pinterest offers a much stronger marketing strategy than what other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can offer. Pinterest has been viewed by many as an “artsy” collection of ideas from people who love to create things from scratch, design, build and DIY. But Pinterest is […]

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Can Facebook Outperform Google in Online Advertising?

It is palpable that Facebook will soon become a major player in online advertising and outshine the eminent ad platform, AdWords if Facebook’s new advertising network, Atlas, is anything to go by. Facebook wants to play in the world of online advertising through the recently acquired Atlas ad network from Microsoft, which will allow Facebook […]

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New Website is up, Now What?

Launching a new website is a significant business achievement. If you’ve done it right, your content is compelling, your call-to-actions are enticing, and your blog is buzzing… Now what?

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4 Ways to Increase Blog Readership

Aside from being a fun hobby, what is the point of having a blog? The answer is to draw readers. Whether you are selling advertising, a product, or just your own set of ideas,

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How to Prepare Your Business for the Mobile Revolution

It’s here, the year of mobile! Getting your business mobile-ready is a much needed task, but it's not as difficult or as scary as it sounds.

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Benefits of Google+ for Restaurants

Though it may seem like just another website to fill with text, Google+ is actually a valuable SEO tool, one that has huge benefits for restaurants.

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7 New SEO Updates for Your Business

SEO is an ever-changing system, and staying informed is a necessity these days. Here are 7 of the most important changes Google has made to their algorithm.

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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

The first step of dealing with negative reviews is to take a deep breath and realize that there are things that can be done about it. Here are 2 quick tips.

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4 Steps to Establishing Your Business on Review Sites

In order to make sure that they are buying from a legitimate, trustworthy source, consumers will scour online review sites. What will they learn about you?

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How Google+ Influences Search Rankings

Having active social media accounts is vitally important to the life of your business, but does having Google+ really make any difference in Google results?

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Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Having great keywords is the backbone of an effective, local SEO strategy. But what else can be done to improve your rankings? Find out in this article.

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Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

Last year was big for social media marketing, but there are more than a few trends that small businesses are going to want to stay on top of in 2014.

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3 Techniques to Improve Your Website Usability

How well does your website convert visitors into buyers? What are the key decisions that visitors must make on your website? Here's tips to improve usability.

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3 Reasons Why Blogging Will Increase Business

Blogging is typically only seen as personal places to express yourself. However, blogs are also great places to reach people about your business ...

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5 Common Myths About Local SEO

An article about 5 Common Myths regarding local search engine optimization (seo).

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